My West Elm Bedroom Reveal

7 July 2022|5 Minutes

Want to know my decorating mantra? Something old, something bold, something pink and something gold!

I was over the moon when I was given the opportunity to work with West Elm to style up my own space to showcase their latest collections.

Now I’ve been a HUGE fan of West Elm for some time now. I think it all started 4 years ago, when I stumbled into their store in Brooklyn. I fell completely in love with their products, their ethos and that cool mid-century modern feel. It’s been a bucket-list brand for me ever since

So you can only imagine how excited I was when they asked me to use their pieces in my own home to style my space! Dreams were literally coming true right here.

Our current rental, on the other hand, was not quite as exciting. I mean, it’s a bit of an uninspiring magnolia box (as most rentals are!). This was the perfect opportunity for me to create a bedroom that sparked joy and oozed bold colour, but that was also rental-friendly. It was important to focus largely on styling things that I could take with me when I moved, making sure that I didn’t permanently change the bones of the room itself.

I just had to do something about it. I really wanted to push myself with colour, using braver and more experimental colour combinations than I’ve ever tried before.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that all good projects start their lives by doing some serious scrolling, usually on Pinterest. So when this striking outfit caught my eye (yes – you read that right, it was an outfit and not a room!), I knew I had to do something with that colour combination. Light pink and green go together like Gin & Tonic, so I decided to work with tonal peaches, purples and pinks mixed with rich botanical greens.

There she is, the mystery Pinterest lady that inspired my whole bedroom and was the basis for the mood board.

When I stepped back and looked at it, I realised I had created what I now lovingly refer to as an adult rainbow! Being bold with colour can be sophisticated and sexy. Rainbows aren’t just for kids you know 😉

This year I committed to being brave and doing things that make me happy. I think this room really ticked both those boxes – I poured my heart and soul into this space, so I hope you like it! I’ve had a bunch of messages saying I’ve inspired you to be a bit bolder when trying new colours which really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Here’s to rooms that make us smile.

How I styled it

Of course, it all had to start with the colour. I used Graham and Brown hues for the paintwork: Sienna on the ceiling, Lucy on the walls, Waddington on the bamboo headboard and Battle on the wardrobe. It turns out peach, grapefruit and army green should ALWAYS be seen. Who knew?!

Then the fun could really begin. I used pieces from West Elm to really play with the rest of the colour palette across the soft furnishings and furniture. I love the subtle watercolour-style patterns across the floor rug, they really draw all the different shades together. But for me, it’s the contrasting textures across the bed that really make the difference. Smooth satins, lush velvets and embroidered linens? Yes, please.

Top tip

If you’re not feeling quite so colour-confident yet, use a paint card to match up tones and colours. Colours are usually grouped together in lines with similar undertones, so if in doubt when picking the perfect greens to match the pinks – choose paints from the same line!

Products used