Summer Bar Cart Styling – A Bora Bora inspired Tropicana bar cart

24 August 2022|6 Minutes

I am looooving bar carts this year, they are fast becoming a real summer staple and given I was recently challenged by eBay to create my very own bar cart , I am now part of the crew! I’m literally obsessed with my Tropicana bar cart, it’s another little bit of side space to add colour and interest to, displaying those items that might otherwise have been slung out of view in the back of the cupboard! Hello, vintage yellow cocktail glasses …

So how to get on board with this trend you ask?

My 5 top tips for creating your own, summer essential, bar cart at home!

1.) Mix vintage with new – Consider sourcing a vintage bar cart like mine which I got from eBay which is teeming with vintage gold and antique treasures. This will make the cart itself effortlessly unique and better for the planet too! Vintage pieces are always so full of character. Try and find a colour that best goes with the rest of your aesthetic or colour scheme OR you can always paint it yourself!

If you can’t source a vintage trolley we have scoured the internet for some of our faves available new. 

Black is great for showing off colour in your glasses, bottles and garnishes, I also love this unusually round take on the traditional bar cart shape.

2.) Height variations – To avoid your cart looking too much like a waiter’s trolley, try playing around with height. On both tiers, you’ll want at least 3 different heights for the items you display. You can use foliage and fruit to add extra height to lower items. On my tropical cart, I’ve placed the pineapple on a low fruit bowl. 

Note – When hosting a party a drink dispenser with a tap can be super handy and looks FAB too! I am loving this  Azur Ceramic Drinks Dispenser from Oliver Bonas, peach schnapps anyone??? 

3.) ALWAYS odd numbers – You’ll want to have an odd number of items on each tier, and if you are grouping items. There are 7 items on my top tier and 3 on my bottom (plus odd numbers of limes and lemons cause I’m into the detail).  

4.) Garnish as decor – Add pops of colour to your cart through cocktail garnishes such as bowls of citruses,  fresh mint. Display your favourite sexy bottles of spirits too, the perfect opportunity for booze lovers to show off your stash to your guests.  

5.) Just add plants – If you are not confident at styling, plants are the easiest way to add style and WOW. Select plants with different heights, shaped leaves, colours and textures for extra interest. Fresh flowers also do wonders when your cart is in need of some natural elements. 

Bar cart by Sara Toufali (featured on

6.) Statement Glassware – With these, you can really show off! Minimalist styling will definitely give you a clean-cut look but bar carts are a great place where you can switch it up and have more fun with the decor. Most glassware you’ll find lacks colour, but taking the time to find a few statement pieces in brighter shades will instantly make your bar cart bolder. You can also decorate with cocktail accessories such as novelty shakers like the one I’ve chosen which has a metal top and a crystal-like finish.  

I have also chosen the flamingo vase because well…it’s fabulous. It also couldn’t be more tropical which perfectly fits my chosen theme. 

Things to note

Less is more – achieve a high-end look by keeping clutter off your cart. Show off only the prettiest of bottles and glasses. Keep the off brand bottles in the kitchen… 

If an overly styled or themed bar cart isn’t what you had in mind, why not try books?  Keep the bottles and glasses to one corner and use the rest of the cart to display your favourite books and other trinkets. 

If you want to get your guests involved in cocktail making this cute as a button cocktail book is just the ticket to get the party started! ‘The art of the Cocktail’ has cocktails inspired by famous artists and lets you in on what they liked to sip too!!

Cheeeeeers to that.

Love Sof x

‘The art of the Cocktail’ by Salvatore Calabrese

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The bar cart world is your oyster my friends GO GO GO