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Autumn Home Trends 2022

7 October 2022|7 Minutes

Home Decor trends for Autumn 2022 that will take over this year!

The pumpkin spice latte is around the corner meaning only one thing…Autumn is coming! As much as I love summer, autumn is my absolute favourite. From the cosy layers and hot chocolate to the beautiful deep orange hues that surround this time of year. I LOVE it all!

There’s only one thing better than the crisp weather that comes with autumn, and that’s autumnal home decor. As you start thinking of Halloween costumes and pulling out sweaters from the back of your closet, you may also want to give your home an autumn makeover. You probably already own a lot of autumnal decor staples. However, mixing in a few new pieces of trending fall decor can make your home feel more current and revamped.

But before you start stacking away your pineapple-themed crockery and deflate the paddling pool to make room for pumpkins and spooky skeletons, here are some of my favourite Home Decor trends for Autumn 2022 I can’t wait to try. 


Fall Wreaths with a twist

Unique fall wreaths are a must-have this autumn. A DIY wreath is a great way to bring out your personal style. Once you get a wreath base, you can build it however you want. Floral bushes and stems are also great for traditional or on-trend autumnal flair. I love the unusual coloured ones the most though. You don’t have to stick to traditional fall colours, blue hues and deep purples look great with orange. 

This baby’s breath rainbow wreath is not only a simple concept but a truly unique way of doing this whole wreath thing. All it takes is some baby’s breath, spray paint and a floral foam wreath. To keep it autumnal definitely add orange but you can choose whatever colours you want! GO CRAZYYYY!

If you’re not feeling crafty, however, there are so many beautiful and unique ready-made wreaths. You also don’t have to limit these to your front door either. A table wreath looks great wrapped around a candle holder or as a centrepiece for your dining table. 

Dried Flower Arrangements

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This year dried flowers will be massive! Dried arrangements are perfect for the autumn season. The best part is that they’re long-lasting and can be displayed in vases and glass bottles practically on any counter. They look most effective on mantlepieces, dining and coffee tables or can brighten up a dull-looking corner of the house too. Adding this natural vibe is perfect for the season. Although you can order pre-arranged bouquets it’s always more fun to create your own bouquet.

Your best bet is to combine various heights and colours to add texture and volume to the arrangement. Just like with the wreaths you can experiment with colours and choose the ones you like to make them more personal. Add your own creative flair when putting these together. 

If you run out of time there are plenty of ready-put-together bouquets out there too!

If you want to display your arrangements in a fun and colourful way, John Lewis has some amazing rustic and autumnal coloured vases which will look great on your autumnal dining table or mantlepiece. 

All things pumpkin

Okay, this one is pretty obvious. You can’t have autumn without pumpkins, that’s a given. The pumpkin is the ultimate mascot of the season.

From pumpkin spice lattes to jack-o’- lanterns and table decorations, there are so many ways to appreciate this squash. You can even use them as vases for your dried flower arrangements, wreaths and anything in between. Pumpkins are also perfect for painting and displaying around the house as autumnal home decor. If you want to get creative with your pumpkins, try using different colours or painting them with fun patterns. There is also the white pumpkin trend which is super chic and these are definitely having their moment in 2022.

You also don’t have to use the real thing. For longer-lasting decorations, you can use year after year why not incorporate pumpkin-themed pieces instead? Crochet, felt or faux pumpkin garlands are a perfect solution.


If you’re not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, you’ll be chuffed to know that the cheery sunflower will stick around to ease us into autumn. It’s literally the best of both worlds. You can use dried or live sunflowers and incorporate them into your wreath or table bouquets or a sunflower blanket, bedding, rugs and doormats will brighten up the indoors too. 

Here are some of my favourite sunflower finds.

Mushroom Galore

Not only are these in season right now, emerging in the deep corners of forests and woodlands but mushrooms have emerged in recent years as the symbol of growth, renewal and transcendence. This season is no different to welcoming this fungi (pun very much intended) into our homes and incorporating it not just into our seasonal decor. Once you settle into the depths of fungi frenzy there is no going back. They’re the perfect autumnal symbol to add to your decor this year. 

This whimsical trend that allows you to appreciate and fully embrace mushrooms, is coming back in full swing until further notice. From garlands, candles and prints to more permanent fixtures and statement pieces, this assortment of mushroom memorabilia won’t break the bank.

The autumnal decor looks great when it is a mixture of DIY and statement pieces so have fun with it and surround yourself with items that you love.

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