A Front Door in Colour – Styling Your Way to a Colorful Welcome

1 August 2023|8 Minutes

Choosing the best shade for a front door to complement your home...

A front door can be a great initial glimpse into your home and decor style. As a firm believer in the power of home decor, I see it as much more than mere aesthetics. It is an opportunity to weave together diverse styles, vibrant colours, and unique ideas. Whoever said doors have to be in keeping with the style of your neighbours’ homes, clearly didn’t get the memo about expression! Your front door is the focal point of your house and the first thing anyone sees. So, as we enter into summer, it’s the perfect time to freshen up your door.

If our home decor represents our personality and the quirks and ideas we’ve built up over a lifetime then similarly our front door could be seen as make-up… carefully applied to give that confidence to go out and face the world.

Having experimented with colourful entrances, here are some of my front door styling tips, ideas and favourite colours to use.

A colourful contrast

A front door is a great place to really be bold with colour and to create a stylish element of contrast with the style of your home’s exterior.

Now, if your house leans towards the darker side, it’s best to bring in some light and liveliness. Think about choosing a lighter colour, whether it’s a vibrant paint hue or a lighter wood stain. This little trick adds that extra touch of interest and pizzazz. It’s like a breath of fresh air that’ll have your home standing out in the best possible way. A house that is rocking a lighter shade, can carry the visual weight of a darker door while maintaining a welcoming feel.

Blushing Pink

It’s no secret, I LOVE pink! This adoration for pink has not always been limited to the pink bathtub. At my old house, I painted the front door pink and boy did it look stunning! It made the entrance ever so fun and added that pop of colour the fronts of houses often gasp for.

Pink is often associated with sweetness, femininity, and all things lovely. But who says pretty can’t be powerful? It’s a colour that exudes warmth, friendliness, and approachability, instantly making guests feel welcome. Whether you choose a soft pastel blush or a vibrant fuchsia, a pink front door is a bold choice that refuses to be ignored.

With a pink front door, you have the freedom to play with a variety of complementary colours. Pair it with lush greenery for a fresh and vibrant look, or go for a contrasting bold blue or charcoal grey to create a striking visual impact. The possibilities are endless, and the result is always stunning! If you’re a keen trend follower, you’ll be happy to know a pink front door is predicted to be all the rage in 2023 too!

Fresh Green

Whether your home is sleek and modern or oozes old-world charm, green effortlessly blend in like it was always meant to be there. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking an authentic and timeless look. Whether you’re a nature lover, a fan of everlasting elegance, or just someone who craves a tranquil escape from the chaos of city life, green is your go-to hue. Transform your front door into a gateway to serenity, where the surrounding foliage and the beauty of nature merge seamlessly with your home’s exterior. Let your neighbours do a double-take as they pass by, admiring your effortlessly stylish choice. For many people, the colour green brings a calming, sense of nature and tranquillity. So it’s no surprise to us to hear that it’s at the top of the list for colouring our front doors.

If you prefer earthy green shades, subtle hues like pale Chartwell green, or even a touch of off-green like French grey, green is a versatile color that complements houses of every size and architectural style. Whether you have a charming cottage with a quaint door or an elegant Edwardian or Victorian residence, incorporating this color into your home will undoubtedly infuse it with a sense of tranquility.

​​Door in bloom

Who says flowers are only for spring? Whether it’s the vibrant hues of summer, the warm tones of autumn, the crisp whites of winter, or the fresh blooms of spring, there’s something undeniably magical about adorning your front door with floral delights no matter the season.

You can even use flowers to celebrate each season of the year. Think vibrant sunflowers, daisies or hydrangeas for the summer. As autumn arrives, embrace wreaths filled with dried leaves, wheat, and colourful autumnal foliage, giving a warm welcome to pumpkin-spiced everything. Winter calls for wreaths with pinecones, holly, and touches of festive red, while spring invites delicate blossoms like cherry blossoms or daffodils to announce the return of new beginnings. Flower wreaths and front door decor are an expression of your personal style and a way to add that extra oomph to your home’s curb appeal. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere for both you and your guests, making them feel like they’ve entered a world of beauty and charm. It’s an instant mood booster and a joyful sight to behold.

You can make a wreath yourself, check out my DIY wreath tutorial here.

Go for grey for a contemporary front door colour

If your home exterior is all about that white, beige, or cream life, I’ve got the perfect suggestion for you: grey! It’s the contemporary cousin of black and navy, and boy, does it bring the charm! A grey front door is like the James Bond of entranceways—handsome, suave, and oh-so-versatile. Whether you’ve got a classic panelled door design or something more modern, grey is here to slay. Plus, here’s a little secret: it’s a practical choice too! Mid to lighter tones of grey won’t show dust or dirt as prominently as black or navy, making your life a tad easier when it comes to cleaning. Who doesn’t love a low-maintenance door that still looks fabulous?

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