Home trends for 2023 and beyond and what we’re ditiching

21 February 2023|9 Minutes

Interior trends we still love and some we are quietly ditching…

So what are the Home trends for 2023 and beyond? Decor unlike fashion is not something that tends to undergo seasonal change. Furniture, art, and wall coverings are all things that are too expensive, inconvenient and permanent to update frequently. You need to learn to live with the room (for a long time) as you design it. Yet over the years, the way we decorate does dramatically change with every decade. 70s shag carpets gave way to 80s glitzy excess which then gave way to the 90s clean-cut minimalism. As we enter 2023 and we are focused on finding interior solutions that are kind to our planet and our sanity, it’s important to keep an eye on the way the 2020s are progressing in terms of interior design.

What if that centrepiece you’ve been saving for, for months on end is on its way out?

If you’ve been searching for the right opportunity to add more style, energy and comfort to your space, you’ll appreciate this list of interior decor trends for 2023 that are on my radar for the year ahead.

Some of my favourite picks include primary colours, colour-coordinated decor and layered lighting. Some of these ideas are not just trends that will crop up in 2023 but they are timeless classics which will go beyond this year. The smallest design upgrade can make the biggest difference when it comes to elevating your interiors. Bring your interior decor to life with these trends and ideas.

Here to help you get started on your dream kitchen, living room, or bedroom retreat.


I always say that lighting is the second most significant design element in the home after colour.

With its power to take on new forms from different materials to sculptural shapes, we can see an increase in layering. This year we are bound to see more layering of lights in interior spaces that offer more everyday functions and can create different moods within the home. Layer your lighting with illuminated pockets on the walls, striking linear lines in your floor lamps to zone areas for their function and style, and giant pendants hanging from the ceiling for added drama.

Pendant lighting will also see an increase in interest this year and in new locations such as above the dining table, not just over the kitchen island. A few types, in particular, will be having their moment. Glass pendants for their translucence, airiness, and ability to harmonise with any style. Statement pendants in different colours, shapes, and textures deliver a BIG impact too. Mostly by combining finish accents and decor.

Multiple clusters of globed-shaped or bubble lights (if you prefer) will be massive in 2023. You’ll be inspired by rounded compact shapes, mid-century sputnik style light fittings, or cascading bobbly pendants. I have used these in the past.

Primary colours

With the stormy times we’re living in, finding moments to be playful and have fun is key. This is the echo in our homes, as bold colours become increasingly popular.

This year watch out for pops of primary colours as accessories and accents in the home. The three primary colours of red, blue, and yellow represent the body, mind and emotions from a psychological viewpoint. Loud and unapologetic, primary colours are high saturation and will add joy to a space, bringing with them undeniable energy.

Embracing flaws with crafted-look decor

Crafted-looked ceramics is another trend we should look out for this year. Hand sculpted and carved wares are definitely on the agenda for 2023 and beyond. This could be due to the result of conscious shopping becoming a priority. Sturdy mugs, plates and kitchenware that are sculpted for longevity will be taking centre stage in our homes. One of the great pleasures of crafted-look wares is the unique textures that tell the story of the hands that made them which makes each individual item feel and look more special.

Moving away from ‘fast design’ we will be more influenced to seek homeware pieces in our communities. Think vintage and upcycled furniture rather than buying new. It is part of the flaw some trend, a design quality that celebrates the imperfections in previously hidden objects or artworks by restoring them and giving them a new life.

£15 chest of drawers we revamped & handmade bowls from Kari Ceramics

Sustainable materials (cork and aluminium)

Speaking of sustainability… The interior industry’s bid to become more eco-friendly means that designers and consumers alike are looking for ways to design against global waste, rather than add to it. From rattan and bamboo to cane and linen, there are plenty of materials that are more sustainable. It’s cork and aluminium that will be a popular home trend for 2023 and beyond.

Unlike its polished counterparts, cork is an approachable material. While aluminium is recycled endlessly, it is one of the most environmentally-friendly metals you can use in your home.

What's going out...

Squeaky clean kitchens

This extremely modern minimalist kitchen, which you’ll often find in all-white or gray. Not a single bowl on the counter or worse any exciting or eccentric counter tops. A terrifying place to cook. This year we will want our kitchens to feel warm, welcoming and homey i.e everything a kitchen should be. It’s the heart of the home after all.

All-white and greige interiors

Not everyone wants their home to look like a catalogue. The greige palette is overdone and overused. If it’s not white or grey its most likely on its way out. While all-white can be sleek and minimalist, it can often feel devoid of any personality or fun. If you’re looking for a better interpretation of this aesthetic, try all-white with a subtle splash of colour. No home is livable in if it looks like no one lives there.

TV-centred living rooms

In this day and age, screens are a central part of our day to day. Setting up one sofa facing a screen, it’s hard to attract anything but. So even if your space is small, find a small way to make it more interactive. Whether that means two sofas facing each other instead of the wall, or adding an additional lounge chair in the corner, let’s talk to each other! Sometimes there’s nothing uglier than a big black box on the wall.

That is why I’ve hidden mine behind a large canvas when the TV is not in use. (See below)

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