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Get creative with Primark

The Brief:

Primark, the leading high street fashion retailer, wanted a social media post to promote their Primark Cares range which is made from sustainable materials and encourages the practice of upcycling in everyday wardrobes. The objective was to create a compelling and informative Instagram post that highlights the benefits of upcycling and inspires people to give it a try. The campaign aims to promote sustainable fashion choices, emphasizing the importance of maximizing the use of existing garments in one’s wardrobe.

The Solution:

An Instagram Reel featuring Teddy who upcycled and revamped some existing garments from his wardrobe as well as showcasing pieces from the Primark Cares sustainable collection. The reel showed simple DIY ideas of how you can customise your garments. The reel generated significant engagement with over 66k views.

See the social advert here:

The Gallery: